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Taking Care of Your Business, One Project at a Time


Let’s face it!  I am a beach bum!  Reality says though that you can’t make a living being a beach bum (unless of course you sell sea shells by the sea shore).  As a business owner, or even as an employee, you find that being able to find the time to get away and unwind and relax anywhere is sometimes next to impossible because of the work load and demands of your job.  You find that no matter how hard you try there are always tasks that do not get done by the end of the day and after several days your desk is a never ending pile of unfinished business.  You know you need help and even though you or your staff is working as diligently as possible to get everything that needs to get accomplished done, it never gets completed.

The answer to getting those tasks accomplished is the services of Sandi’s Office Solutions, LLC.  My service is a Virtual Office Assistant business assisting you with those extra tasks that need extra attention.  What is a Virtual Assistant you may inquire?  A Virtual Assistant is an office professional who provides professional, administrative, creative or technical assistance to business owners who just don’t have the time or the man power to get all the necessary tasks done to keep their businesses running smoothly themselves. Virtual Assistants, like me, are self-employed independent contractors working in their own homes most often at various times of the day.  In addition, because the Virtual Assistant works off-site, no additional desk space is required in your office.

What Task Do YOU Need Done?

• Organization
Documents – both paper and electronic
Scanning documents/receipts for tax purposes
Basic Excel spreadsheets (I am not an accountant)

• Customer care follow-up
Helping you take care of your clients when you are too busy or not
available to do those follow-up phone calls and tasks yourself

• Send Out Cards Distributor
Personally designed greeting cards created electronically and mailed
Holiday or birthday cards, thank you notes, save the date cards, etc.

• Graphics design
Facebook business pages, publications, posters and other advertising needs

• Correspondence
Letters or e-mails to clients, organizations or other businesses

• Order supplies and inventory
Order supplies & inventory keeping inventory in stock for customer demand

• Paralegal certification
Court Reporter/Paralegal for 24 years valuing the need for confidentiality

• Legal transcription and document preparation
Legal document preparation and dictation experience

• Contact list preparation
Imputing business or personal contacts into a spreadsheet

• Notary
Notary for the State of Indiana notarizing legal documents


With several years of experience and knowledge in the legal, marketing and secretarial professions I offer many business services to my clients.  Clients needing the help of Sandi’s Office Solutions, LLC may either be local (Northeast Indiana) or anywhere via the Internet. Use of my services may be for a specific number of hours per week or only on an as needed basis doing specific projects.

Are you finding that your office needs a little organization?  Sandi’s Office Solutions, LLC specializes in getting your business organized, either electronically, by scanning or by creating a paper document filing system.  Customer care follow-up is a necessity to maintaining good customer relations and my service can help you create and use a contact list for correspondence or to thank your clients by using and sending Send Out Cards or other correspondence and thanking them for their business.  If you feel that you or your company could use a little more “exposure” creating graphics for your business is another service that I offer along with the many other services listed.  If you have need for assistance with a project that you don’t see listed please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Finding time to relax, unwind and do the things that you enjoy most, whether at the beach, on a mountain top or just at home, is possible with the services of Sandi’s Office Solutions, LLC.

With several years of experience and knowledge in the legal, marketing and secretarial professions, I offer many business services to my clients.
Fees for service range from $16 to $18 per hour OR contract pricing for a set weekly number of hours.
Contact Sandi today to move tasks from YOUR schedule to HERS!
Taking care of your business, one project at a time.

If you want it done today, if you want it done right, you call Sandi’s Office Solutions. She’s the best!

Shirley Faith Souder

Christian Counselor

I have been working with Sandi and her business for several months now and she has helped so much by getting my personal and work projects so organized It has made my life free from trying to do it all myself.
Joyce Hefty-Covell

State Farm Insurance

Love Send Out Cards! Sandi helped get mine organized and she did an amazing job! Thank you!

Tracy Barse

Founder, Grow REAL Companies

Sandi Deardorf

Sandi Deardorf


For 24 years I was a Court Reporter in our local Circuit and Superior Courts.  Prior to working in the legal system I had sold advertising for our local newspaper and previous to that I was the Welcome Wagon lady for our county.  I have always enjoyed working with the public and was blessed with many wonderful opportunities.  My job as Court Reporter was very rewarding but also very stressful at times with lots of after-hours typing at home preparing Court transcripts.  I loved what I did but it also took a lot of time away from my family and friends because of my work load.

Early in 2015 my elderly father started having health issues and also my son, daughter-in-law, and at that time two grandchildren who had been living in Florida, were going to be moving much closer.  Two other grandchildren were also going to be born soon to join our ever expanding family,  I knew then that I needed to find a way to still have an income but allow my schedule to be more flexible to allow myself to be able to assist my father and spend more time with my grandchildren.

Having worked in offices for more than 30 years allowed me the opportunity to see that there were many times that the hired staff of a business was not able to keep up with the demands of the business and that additional help was needed.  After much research and soul searching I knew that working as a Virtual Assistant would be the answer to my career desires and that with numerous small businesses (and also larger businesses at times) there was a need to offer my services to the business owners who desired and needed my services.  Working as a Virtual Assistant allows me to work at home and set my own schedule and work as many hours as I would like to and also depending on the needs of my clients.

I love being my own boss and wish I had made the decision years ago to start my own business and help business owners lighten their work loads which in turn enables them to have more time to do the things they enjoy most!